Learn about Type 2 Diabetes and How Gastric Bypass Surgery Helps

Parishioners at Justin the Martyr Church received a good message when Lonnie Jones of Diabetes Diet Journal gave a talk about Type 2 Diabetes, its complications, and treatments centering on gastric bypass surgery.

One of the purposes of the two-hour talk is to enhance the people’s awareness on the condition that has already affected a huge population of adult and senior citizens all over the US. Here, Jones gave his audience an insight on the struggles and challenges a person faces before and after diagnosis. “It’s a struggle especially during the first few months. The condition puts a person in survival mode.”

According to American Diabetes Association: “Diabetes contributes to the death of 234,051 Americans annually (combining death certificates that list diabetes as the primary and a contributing cause of death)”. A total of 86 million Americans are diagnosed to have prediabetes while 30 million including children already have either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Each year, 1.7 million more are being diagnosed.

The search for the treatment to both Diabetes types continues since most findings have not yet produced a concrete result. Jones, however, believes that giving the talk will encourage people to pay more attention to their health. He also aims to inspire those already affected to be braver and stronger in this battle for life.  

In his talk, he also highlighted the benefits of gastric bypass surgery as Type 2 Diabetes treatment. Jones hopes people would be more open to this method on top of lifestyle change. He believes that it can also save their lives as it saved his. “It is not a way out, but it will make things better.”

Lonnie Jones was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2011 with no warning signs. The only time he found out he had the condition was after he felt ill at work and had to be taken to the hospital. That was when his doctor informed him he had Type 2 Diabetes. His doctor advised him to undergo gastric bypass surgery. “My doctor said the operation is the only thing that would save my life at that time,” says Jones. It had been a life-changing decision for him but it changed him for the better.
Lonnie Jones is set to give another series of talks to encourage people to take action. Schedules will be announced in his website www.diabetesdietjournal.com soon. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages or updates.