Star Of The Sea: Uniting People To Help People

SOS, which stands for “Save Our Ship” or “Save Our Souls” is a proper term used in the military and navy to cry for help. Through time, it has also become the default acronym among civilians who are caught in amidst extreme distress.

So many people all over the world need help and so many people want to help but only a few actually do something about it. It does take a lot of hard work and dedication to pull off something as big as S.O.S. despite the small start.

The idea is the same but this S.O.S stands for Star of the Sea. It is a charitable foundation whose core mission is to provide goods, food, and emergency services to those in need – people and animals alike. SOS has been actively helping individuals through distribution sites and food pantries across Key Largo, Key West, and Stock Island in Florida. The foundation aims to unite individuals who want to offer sincere help in their own small ways.

SOS makes it all possible by gathering donations not only from private individuals but also from local businesses, huge companies, and the US Navy.

But these Samaritans aren’t focused on helping only humans. Over the years, they have so far provided for thousands of poor and homeless citizens, as well as their pet cats and/or dogs. Those who could not afford pet foods can turn to SOS for supplies. They have a local pet food pantry for feeding cats and dogs.

Each year, the foundation distributes at least 1,2000,000 pounds of food to feed infants and adults. For this cause, SOS supports a large area for dry storage, freezing, and refrigeration space.

SOS accepts any kind of donations such as:

  • Baby food
  • Baby products
  • Personal hygiene items for kids and adults
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Household goods
  • Pet supplies

Anyone who is interested to give their share can drop goods at designated SOS stations. The beneficiaries in turn get to select only food they can consume and only items they need so that everyone can have their share. The foundation’s members and staff constantly hold donation drives to sustain the needs of their “clients” and help fortunately keeps coming in.

SOS also provides temporary cash assistance, food stamps, and Medicaid among other services, accessible through application. As their mission is to help in any way they can, SOS also give newly released inmates who want to move out of Key West one-way bus tickets.

SOS is the perfect medium to get your contribution across to those who need them the most. Size does not matter. The rest of SOS appreciates even the smallest items, and for sure the recipients would, too. Read more about SOS here: