About Us

St Justin Martyr Church is located in Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, Florida. Its history dates back to 1970 when Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll created the Saint Justin Martyr parish. He then appointed Father Edmond F. Whyte as pastor to Catholics in Key Largo and Upper Keys.

The Key Largo Civic Club became host to their weekly masses. However, scheduling conflicts urged parishioners to transfer to a new facility in 1973. In 1974, Saint Justin Martyr Church welcomed Polish Father Jan Januszewski as its new pastor. Like all the followers, Father Januszewski dreamed of having a permanent home. He began fulfilling this dream since his appointment but did not live long enough to witness its completion. Finally, the Saint Justin Martyr Church was established in 1992.

Saint Justin Martyr Catholic Church today stands as one of the most beautiful Churches to visit in Florida. It boasts of a grotto flanked by divine architecture and interior designs.  With quiet and picturesque surrounding, the Church is not only a house of praise but also a notable destination for locals and tourists alike.  

Saint Justin Martyr Catholic Church also engages in several charitable works, one of which is the Star of the Sea Outreach Mission or SOS. This project aims to support the needy in terms of food and other goods. SOS, which focuses on nutrition-related causes, also runs the Children’s Healthy Nutrition program.

To raise funds, the Church holds church fairs with carnival as well as galas for the benefit of the poor. It also partners with other companies and foundations such as Wal Mart, Grainger Foundation and Ocean Reef Community Foundation to gather more donations and feed more children and adults.